Executive Function Coaching Business Course


Friday 8th March, 2024 12-3:30pm EST

Friday 15th March, 2024 12-3:30pm EST

Price: $499.00

Terms and Conditions

When you purchase our E-course, you agree to this Terms of Use and Liability Waiver.  

Who We Are and Our Disclaimer: 

  1. We are three self-proclaimed EF Coaches in an unregulated field. The information we are sharing is based on personal experience with clients. We are not attorneys, certified public accountants or mental health providers (While Lisa Kennedy is a licensed mental health provider, she is not acting as one for the teaching of this course). None of the information shared in the EF Coaching Business Course should be considered legal or financial advice. You should seek appropriate counsel for your own situation.
  2. Please note that we can’t take any responsibility for the results of your actions and any harm or damage you or your clients suffer as a result of the use or non-use of the information available through the EF Coaching Business Course. Please use judgment and conduct due diligence before taking any action or implementing any plan or practice suggested or recommended by the EF Coaching Business Course. Consultation is always recommended.
  3. Please note that we don’t make any guarantees about the results of the information applied from the EF Coaching Business Course. We share educational and informational resources that are intended to help you succeed in EF Coaching. You need to know that your ultimate success or failure will result from your own efforts, your particular situation and innumerable other circumstances beyond our knowledge and control.
  4. The information in our EF Coaching Business Course is by no means complete or exhaustive and therefore does not apply to all conditions, coaches or clients. We are doing our best to provide accurate information, but this information might become out-of-date at some point. Regulations or the latest research are likely to change. Some of the facts we share may lose accuracy over time.

Course Guidelines:

  1. Participants should be 18 or over.
  2. In order to get the most from the EF Coaching Business Course, you should ensure you arrive promptly.
  3. We reserve the right to request that any person leaves the EF Coaching Business Course session if that person’s conduct is unacceptable (in our reasonable opinion). No refund of fees or any other costs will be made in these circumstances.
  4. We will send an email confirmation of your booking to the email address you provided shortly after we accept your booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address you provide to us is valid.

Copyright: The unauthorized use of photographic and recording equipment is prohibited for the EF Coaching Business Course. You are not permitted to make (or facilitate the making of) any video or audio recordings of any of the classes or use any photographs, clips or screenshots of the EF Coaching Business Course for commercial purposes. Any materials which may be distributed during the EF Coaching Business Course may not be reproduced without our written permission.

Fees: When booking the EF Coaching Business Course, full payment of the fee is required at the time we accept your booking.

Refunds and Cancellation: The EF Coaching Business Course Classes take place on specific dates; therefore, once a purchase is complete, we will not be able to refund you if you do not attend or if you cancel your booking. 

Liability: Since the EF Coaching Business Course is held online, you are responsible for ensuring that you have a secure and stable internet connection and all the necessary software and other technical standards on your device required to join the EF Coaching Business Course classes.

Privacy: The EF Coaching Business Course will be recorded. Where you elect to participate or contribute to the EF Coaching Business Course (including but not limited to: asking a question during a Q&A session, enabling your audio and/or video sharing when participating and participating in chat, survey, poll or similar functionality) you consent to your inclusion in such recording. If you do not wish to be recorded, please contact the organizer before the event by emailing

Feedback and Complaints: The EF Coaching Business Course is designed to provide an enjoyable and high-quality experience for those attending. At the end of the EF Coaching Business Course, we will provide an evaluation form, which will offer you the opportunity to provide feedback.

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