Executive Function

Providing the Skills your Child Needs to Succeed

Executive Function

Providing the Skills your Child Needs to Succeed

Does your child...

Struggle with attention?

  • Does it seem like they can do something they love with laser focus but can’t seem to focus for more than a few minutes on a less-desirable task?
  • Maybe they tend to get distracted easily?

Lack organization?

  • Does your child seem more disorganized than others?
  • Do they feel overwhelmed by the task of tidying their bedroom?
  • Do they need more structure and accountability than you can provide?

Forget things?

  • Do they forget essential items for school and extracurricular activities?
  • When you ask them to do two or three things, do they get off track after (or before!) completing the first one?

Have issues managing time?

  • Does your child struggle to get out the door on time? 
  • Do they need help to determine the steps to complete a long-term project?
  • Is their time estimation off?

Struggle to get going?

  • Do they have difficulty initiating tasks?
  • Do they leave things until the last minute?
  • Maybe they want it to be perfect?
  • Do they have trouble self-advocating?

Feel anxious or down?

  • Maybe their grades don’t match their capabilities?
  • Do they feel like they are working harder than their peers?
  • Is their confidence waning as they get older?

They may need a trusted Executive Function Coach

As an Executive Function (EF) Coach, I engage students in interactive activities and provide portable and practical strategies for school and life. Coaching techniques and plans are tailored to individual needs. Once student-driven goals are selected, I help students overcome barriers, create solutions and internalize habits that lead to independence. My goal is to work myself out of a job.

To learn more about the coaching process, please read Executive Skills Coaching by Peg Dawson, co-author of Smart but Scattered.


Executive Function

A term used to describe an individual’s ability to plan, focus their attention, remember instructions and juggle multiple tasks successfully. It is the ability to regulate behavior in stressful situations and is often referred to as the air traffic control system for the brain. This system develops slowly over time and at different rates depending on the individual. 


Parenting Kids with Executive Function Challenges

A Consultation Service

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by your child’s challenges and struggles? 
  • Have you just received a diagnosis for your child, and you’re wondering, now what? 
  • Maybe you are not sure what your child needs: therapy, additional support from school, an academic tutor, an Executive Function Coach or another specialist?
  • Do you want to better understand the world of Executive Function and how coaching works for different age levels? 
  • Maybe your child is not ready for Executive Function Coaching, but you’d like to build in some systems at home to help things run more smoothly.
  • Do you need some quick strategies to assist your child with Executive Function?
  • Are you wondering where to start with asking your child’s school for support? 
  • Do you need help with creating 504 accommodations and IEP goals that would work best for your child?


I offer executive function parent consultations to help parents understand their child’s challenges, develop strategies to support them at home and school and navigate the world of executive function coaching.


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